Hasbeans Special Dark
We've used a Sumatran coffee base to give this custom blend a pleasant, robust taste. We add a Central American coffee blend to provide it with the liveliness one deserves in a great cup. We then take it to the second darkest roast we offer, which develops a unique fullness exclusive to this robust brew. It has proven so popular we now have several of the local fine dining restaurants using it as their house coffee - giving them a coffee that is distinct and separates them from all the others. We feel this blend of two fine coffees offers a delightful cup. You will find that it has a full, lively body and makes for an excellent after-dinner cup but can still be enjoyed at any time. Many Hasbeans customers find this Special Dark is a satisfying way to start the morning, but we believe it's a genuine anytime blend that adds a little European flavour to your table.


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