French Mocha Dark
French Mocha Espresso is among the most sought-after of the darkest roasts. These dark roasts contain less acid and caffeine than the lighter roasts; these go up the chimney with the roasting smoke. The darker roasts lack that slight bite, which some people call “acidy,” the darkest roasts of coffee are the Italian Espresso and the French roasts, which are roasted very dark, almost black and have a bittersweet tang. In the typical French roast, one will find that there is a little more “snap” than that of the Italian Espresso, which is due to the country of origin of the bean. We have found that the most popular country of origin is Ethiopia for our dark roasts. We have chosen a unique blend of Ethiopian coffee beans that, when roasted, becomes this excellent and prized French roast. You will find this coffee to be of magnificent body, flavour and ‘snap.’


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