Aroma Nica Dark
We believe that when possible, we should cut out the middleman and buy directly from the grower. When we found this grower, we were impressed by the exceptional quality of their shade-grown coffee. It’s a unique quality that shows the pride this community takes in their coffee. We offer this gourmet coffee both as a green bean and a roasted bean. La Union is a farm and mill high in the green mountains Las Sabanas, Nicaragua. Its coffee is grown under native-species shade at elevations above 4,300 feet. Dark roasted but deep-toned, with a satisfying body, Cabernet-like acidity, with a black-cherry fruit that saturates the profile from its nuanced bottom notes to its complex flavour and a sweet finish. A particular favourite of lovers of dry, full-bodied red wines. Medium-roasted but low-toned and full-bodied, this coffee constitutes a superb foil for rich desserts.


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