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Hasbeans, London’s premier coffee roaster and retailer, is owned and operated by Joel McMillan.  He took over the business from his grandfather, Paul L. Smith, and is the fifth generation to continue this incredible family tradition. Hasbeans has been roasting and shipping fresh, specialty-grade, gourmet coffee across Canada since 1969, and successfully, consistently delivers the optimal freshness and remarkable taste that help turn first-time drinkers into lifelong fans.


As one of the first of its kind, committed to responsible sourcing and fair trade, Hasbeans has an even longer history than some of our much-loved coffee-of-convenience drivethru cafés. However, rather than chasing expansionism, the Hasbeans family believes in keeping the keeping the business small and personal in order to maintain the highest standards of taste, quality, and service. A true coffee lover’s delight.


Whether you’re in the mood for something soothing and familiar or are looking to take a step beyond ordinary and reward your tastebuds with something new, let Joel and his exceptionally knowledgeable staff help you discover your next remarkable cup of coffee. Come see us in the Market and taste the Hasbeans difference – or order online and enjoy our freshly roasted beans and blends delivered straight to your door!

The late Paul L. Smith confirming the quality of coffee beans before they were added to the Hasbeans menu.

Joel McMillan, Hasbeans' current proprietor, continues the family tradition of serving only the best.

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