We package our coffee in ½ lb. bags to ensure peak freshness. This also enables you to try different roasts, sources and flavours to find your perfect brew. Coffee has three enemies that you must protect it from: moisture, light and above all air. Always keep your coffee (beans or ground) in an airtight opaque container.

From our experience, freezing coffee in an airtight container, in small batches, and bringing it out as needed works wonderfully. But never bring it out and then return it to the freezer as this lets in both air and moisture (by way of condensation) which can deteriorate your coffee.

This delightful decaf process leaves beans 99.9% caffeine-free and 100% chemical-free. All the process leaves is the unique flavour of the coffee. This decaffeinated coffee has the same taste profile of its regular counterpart, but has almost all of the caffeine removed by a patented Swiss Water™  process which uses only water to remove the caffeine. No chemicals are used. Hasbeans is a licensed vendor of Swiss Water Process decaffeinated coffee. ™ are trademarks of Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee Company Inc. Used under license.

The minimum coffee order for an online purchase is 1 lb.

Hasbeans makes every effort to ensure that your credit card number is protected. Our website uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) with 256-bit encryption to ensure security of the transaction and the integrity of your credit card information. The credit card number is entered directly in a secure payment gateway and we never see or store your credit card number.

First, good news: shipping is FREE for orders above $100. Hasbeans ships to all 13 Provinces and Territories, using Canada Post Expedited Parcel. We offer flat fee shipping (calculated by destination) as follows:

Province ShippingGSTHST
Alberta$ 15.005%0%
British Columbia$ 16.000%12%
Manitoba$ 15.005%0%
New Brunswick$ 18.000%13%
Newfoundland and Labrador$ 15.000%13%
Northwest Territories$ 24.005%0%
Nova Scotia$ 18.000%15%
Nunavut$ 24.005%0%
Ontario$ 15.000%13%
Prince Edward Island$ 18.005%0%
Quebec$ 17.005%0%
Saskatchewan$ 15.005%0%
Yukon$ 21.005%0%

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