Sumatran Mandhelling Regular
This Mandhelling (sometimes referred to as “Java”) coffee is grown on the island of Sumatra and is noted for its richness, full-body, and the acidity, although pronounced, is deep-toned and gentle. Good Java coffee is hard to come by these days, as are many of the finer Indonesian Arabicas. The crops are relatively small. We’ve chosen only the finest Mandhelling coffee beans available, beans ranked by many as being among the world’s most shared, refined, and requested.They are often hard to find but offer top-quality at a moderate price. Mandhelling coffee is probably the most full-bodied coffee in the world: you can feel the magnificent full-body, and almost syrupy richness settling in the corners behind your tongue. It has relatively low acidity, but enough to keep the cup vibrant and engaging. The flavour, like the body, is robust, smooth and full. Wonderfully sturdy and direct. Truly a coffee for the romantics.


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