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Colombia Supremo Dark

Colombia is the second largest exporter of coffee in the world, almost all of which is of tremendous gourmet quality. This is all due to the magnificent land where over 2,000,000,000 coffee trees provide the world with an abundance of truly delicious coffee (over 12% of the world’s supply). All of this coffee is of the Arabica type and high mountain grown. The farms are located on the slopes of three cordilleras (chains) of the Andes. Supremo coffee beans are gourmet quality grade and the only Colombian green coffee bean that we import.


This grade of coffee is very clean and consists of large and extra-large size beans. Colombia coffee at its very best is a classic. No quality is extreme: This coffee bean is full-bodied, but no so full-bodied as Sumatran; acidy but no nearly so as Ethiopian or Kenyan; richly flavoured but not quite as the best high-mountain Jamaican. The Colombian coffee even has a slight winey tone reminiscent of African coffees, but these winey notes are sparse and never dominate. We’ve roasted this to a ‘full city’ roast which is a roast that is dark, smooth and rich. Enjoy!

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