Espresso Dark Blend

  • Roast: Blends, Dark

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A true Italian espresso roast must use only the finest of many types of coffee beans. It is then roasted to an ideal dark Italian espresso roast which is very shiny, and oily. This very dark roast is almost to carbonization and is very black in colour. Italian Espresso is the one of he darkest roasts we use. The other roast is a French roast. The difference in the coffees is that Italian espresso is much more mellow than the French roast, which is much more sharp in taste. Either or both can be used in your espresso machine. The difference is in the end flavour. A good Italian Espresso roast must present a good full body along with a rich ‘crema’ to cap it off. The crema really sets a good Italian espresso apart. We are proud of this roast because it presents a good thick cup with an excellent crema not usually found on others.

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