Black Java Dark

  • Type: Fair Trade, Organic
  • Roast: Dark

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Some of the most famous coffees in the world are grown on the gigantic islands of the Malay Archipelago. This Mandhelling (sometimes referred to as “Java”) coffee is grown on the island of Sumatra and is noted for its richness, full body, and the acidity, although pronounced, is deep toned and gentle. Indonesia produces some of the worlds most famous coffees, one of which is Sumatra Mandhelling. This coffee is grown high on the green mountain valleys and plateaus of the Padang region and is known for its magnificent heavy body and almost syrupy richness. Wonderfully sturdy, direct, with a fine body. Good Java coffee, days as are the any of the finer Indonesian Arabicas. and is hard to get these excellent coffee beans. The crops are relatively small. When they are good, they are excellent. We’ve chosen only the finest Mandhelling coffee beans available. The Mandhelling coffee bean is considered by many as one of the world’s finest. They are often hard to find, but still at a moderate price. They are grown near the port of Padang in west central Sumatra, at altitudes of 2,500 to 5,000 feet. Mandhelling coffee is probably the most full-bodied coffee in the world: you can feel the magnificent full body, and almost syrupy richness settling in the corners behind your tongue. It has a relatively low acidity, but enough to keep the cup vibrant and interesting. The flavour, like the body, is rich, smooth and full. Wonderfully sturdy and direct. We have roasted this coffee to a fine dark European roast. Heavy, mellow and rich.

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