Vienna Dark

  • Roast: Blends, Dark
  • Type: Fair Trade, Organic

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We’ve taken this very high mountain plateau grown Arabica coffee bean and roasted it to a perfect European Viennese roast. This coffee displays a heavier flavour with a pleasing snap. The darker roast brings out the full body that is so prevalent in European roasts. You can definitely make this into a coffee to be served as an after dinner feature by adding any of the fine liqueurs such as brandy it becomes Venetian Coffee. You could also add Crème de Cacao and it becomes Café Cacao. It is a useful experiment to try different liqueurs. If you’re used to an American coffee but want some of that dark-roasted continental flavour in your cup then this is one that definitely fills the bill. This is a roast that gives a pleasing finishing touch to any meal and can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

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Weight 1 lbs