Swiss Water Decaf Colombia Regular Roast

  • Roast: Decaffeinated, Regular

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99.9% Caffeine free, 100% Chemical free

Chemicals are used to decaffeinate most coffees, but the SWISS WATER method uses only water. The beans are immersed in water and as a result the caffeine diffuses from the beans to the water. The water then passes through a carbon filter that traps the caffeine, the flavour charged-water then flows back into the beans. This process continues for approximately 8 hours. The beans are then dried, cleaned, polished bagged and then shipped – ready to then be roasted and then brewed to give you finest decaffeinated coffee you’ll ever taste! Colombia coffee is a classic. It is fullĀ  bodied, but as full bodied with a lively winy edge, but these notes are elusive and never dominate.


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