Kenya AA Green

  • Roast: Green
  • Type: Fair Trade, Organic


High mountain grown Arabica coffee grown on the slopes of Mount Kenya. Kenyan coffee is graded by size of the bean “AA” is the largest. The main growing area stretches south of from the high altitudes of Mt. Kenya and almost to the Kenyan capital, Nairobi. Kenya, like the Arabian Mocha and the Ethiopian Sidamo to the north has a distinctive dry, and winey aftertaste. At its best is the full-bodied richness that Ethiopian and even the Mocha lacks. The coffees of Kenya are getting better because the growers are responding to the government incentives encouraging quality. A fine coffee for those who like the striking and unusual. Not so winey as the Ethiopian Sidamo, fuller bodied, but more intense all round than the Yemen Mocha.

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Weight 1 lbs