About Us

About Us

HASBEANS, coffee roaster and retailer, is owned and operated by Paul L. Smith whose family has been continuously in the food business since the 1800s. Paul is the third generation, his daughter (fourth), along with his grandson (fifth) continue this wonderful family tradition.

There’s a long and proud history of the Smith family and London, Ontario’s culture. Beginning over 130 years ago, when the Covent Garden Market was nothing more than a loose collection of tents, food vendors and local farmers, our family has been there to add to the culinary delights of the city.

Hasbeans was established in 1969 and has been providing best quality gourmet coffee beans ever since. As one of the first of its kind, Hasbeans has an even longer history than the ubiquitous Starbucks. However, rather than expansionism, we believe in keeping the business small in order to maintain tight control over taste, quality and personalized, friendly service.

Ordering Coffee Online

Hasbeans has been roasting and shipping fresh, specialty-grade, gourmet coffee across Canada since 1969.

We package our coffee in special valve packs that preserve the freshness by the coffee to “off gas” (part of the roasting process). We ship our coffee in half pound packages to further preserve the freshness for you.

Paul inspects a new shipment of unroasted coffee beans. Since 1969 London’s foremost coffee expert “has been” importing the highest quality beans from exotic locations all over the world.